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Content Writing vs. Copywriting: What's the difference? *LINK*

Content writing and copy writing are identical!

I hear this statement more often lately. Although text content is designed offline and online in both cases , there are some fine differences to note. The goals and approaches are quite different in both cases and should be noted.

Especially if you are planning to build a new website for your digital business , you should place relevant sections of text and words in the right places. A well-chosen interaction of content writing and copy writing can not only attract new visitors to your website , but also turn interested visitors into paying customers .

However, the prerequisite for such success lies in a secure foundation . For this reason, below is a helpful overview of both terms and their benefits for your digital business .

Content Writing vs. Copy writing: An Overview
What advantages does Content Writing offer you?
Content writing is not a new form of online marketing. Writing content-rich and profound texts reaches into a time when not even computers existed. Brochures, magazines or technical manuals are generally produced by a content writer. However, in 2018, content writing will focus on the following forms:

blog Article
Web pages
White paper
The content of the text content should be based on a buyer persona and the appropriate keywords. In addition, the content should be informative, interesting, entertaining or useful. The goal of content writing is to convince potential customers of their own expertise without necessarily reporting on their own company.

For this reason, it makes sense to report on current trends in your industry or to present useful practical tips on your website. Content writing thus gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert.

In this context, content writing is particularly suitable for digital companies who want to experiment with different web content. Only by constantly improving and adapting the text content can you generate relevant data and information about your readership. This will give you reliable data about which content or channel your audience prefers.

How can you benefit from copy writing?
Copy writing is also understood in the German-speaking world as advertising copy. Compared to content writing, copy writing involves the design of short advertising slogans, display ads, headlines or slogans. In this context, the advertising-technical effectiveness of linguistic design is in the foreground. The copy writing should be designed to prompt the site visitor or newsletter subscriber for a particular action. With effective copy writing, you can sustain-ably improve the conversion rate of your website, landing page or email marketing campaign.

However, the advertising messages used in the field of copy writing must be reasonably considered and used. Similar to the field of content writing you have to pay attention to the desired target group.

As a result, it makes a big difference whether your company addresses a busy executive over 40 or a sports enthusiast in their early 20s. You should therefore adapt the selected slogans, headlines or Call to Actions (CTA) to the language of your customers. You should therefore pay particular attention to the respective circumstances, wishes and goals of the potential customer.

Which form is better for your company?
The ideal answer to this question is, as so often in life, right in the middle. The best contents in the field of content writing are relatively meaningless, if they have no attention-grabbing headline or your readers can not ask for a specific action.

Incorrect copy writing texts also offer no added value if there are no additional content-rich texts. For that reason, it's unclear whether you should invest more resources in content marketing or copy writing. Both areas must fit together seamlessly and complement each other at best.

In this context, it is advisable to publish content-rich, informative and easily understandable texts (content writing) at regular intervals on suitable channels. It is also important to include copy writing in the right place, so that you can encourage your readers to take a concrete action.

Conclusion - Content Writing vs. Copy writing
The attention span of your website visitors is a few seconds, so you need to be captivated by your copy writing. Then grab your visitor through your blog posts, e-books, or other website content to further persuade your business.

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Content Writing vs. Copywriting: What's the difference? *LINK*
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