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firebase and google cloud console *LINK*

HomeBlogging & E-LearningWhat’s the relationship between Firebase and Google Cloud?
What’s the relationship between Firebase and Google Cloud?

If you are a mobile application developer or a User, I imagine that you know something about Firebase, Google's mobile application development platform,Google Search Console . Or, if you are an enterprise system developer, you know something about the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Or Google cloud console, a comprehensive suite of products and services that captures your data and code, on a planetary scale, and more. Although both platforms can be used without the knowledge of the other, there are some ways in which they overlap. Knowledge of this relationship is important in two situations:
You are a firebase application developer, and you need to extend your backend infrastructure in addition to the firebase provider by default.
You are a Google Cloud Developer and you want to build a mobile (or web) application on top of GCP's existing resources.

Even if these situations (yet!) Do not apply to you, understanding how tools and services are related will help you to get some work done, especially with your Fireb

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