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How To Wear A White Suit To Look Amazing? *LINK*

The white suit has always been complicated to wear. It is inevitable not to feel like a kind of gangster of the 20s (or, well, of any other decade) every time you wear it. Possibly because they are the ones who really put it in that eagerness to appear power and waste, that they had money left over.

Who is going to wear a white suit on a day-to-day basis, a suit that gets stained just by looking at it? Someone who may be taking it to the dry cleaner every five minutes. A man with a lot of money.3 Best Ways To Wear A Formal Suit

The costumes of that time were excessive, for their construction and for the choice of fabrics, which are daring for the time: diplomatic stripes, princes of Wales, crow’s feet, window frames, pastel tones and, of course, white. But not everything has this wolf patina dressed in lambskin.

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