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Difference between referencing and citation

Things were just fine when the only citation was the requirement of dissertation and assignment writing. I understand all of it and used to cite all the resources even while writing down the stuff. After first few assignments, I didn’t even use any third party citation services. I got the template at the first and then started doing it all on my own. But then, I heard about referencing and things started to crumble.

I never heard about the referencing. I thought the only citation is the only way of citing or giving credits to the original source. But this referencing comes out of nowhere and I don’t know why I am not picking it. That is why I am in a serious need of help here to understand the referencing or else I have to use any ieee reference generator to complete my research papers. That is why I am in need of some help and would like to know how referencing is different from the citation. I would like to know how I can understand the referencing better. I believe if I find out the differences between referencing and citation, I would be able to understand it. If anyone from the readers has any information about it, then kindly share it in the comment box

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