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NASA Asteroid Tracker: A 450ft Asteroid is Barreling for APPROACH Monday *LINK*

The huge space rock dubbed by NASA Asteroids 2019 CM4 will create a so-called "Earth Closure Approach" every week. Asteroid discovered more than a month, on Monday, March 11 will pass through the front of the Earth. NASA's asteroid trackers have limited Flyby to 6.12pm GMT (UTC). Asteroid CM4 was first seen on NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) on February 8 this year.

Later orbital calculations gave NASA a good idea of the trajectory and size of the asteroid.

JPL estimates that measure of CM4 ranges from 223 feet to 492 feet (68 meters to 150 meters).

Compared to the London Double-Decker bus, the asteroid can be up to 18 times longer.

Even at the lower end of the scale, the Colossal asteroid is still about 30 times longer than the Queen Size Bed and about 17 times the Volkswagen Beetle car.

With these awesome dimensions in mind, the good news is that NASA does not expect that CM4 will crash on Earth at any time soon.

At its closest, the asteroid will miss Earth more than 3.2 million miles (5.2 kilometers).

But the asteroid is a prime example of a so-called "near-meaning object" (NEO), which warrants interest from NASA and fellow space agencies.

NASA explains: "As soon as one is discovered near Earth, scientists around the world begin to look at its orbital path.
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